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The Possibility of Dupixent: My Initial Thoughts

I have thought for a few years now that the biologic drug, Dupixent, could possibly be the gold standard medication. Especially for sufferers of atopic dermatitis. I know this because I have read and heard several testimonies where folks are raving about how good it is. Also, I am trying my hardest to get on it so I can manage and control my eczema. It is not easy.

My initial thoughts about Dupixent

The medication is a very expensive drug and no one really wants to incur the high costs. However, if you live in the UK, there is a possibility that one may be able to get on Dupixent if all the appropriate steps are taken. For example, getting an appointment with a specialist via the NHS. One thing I did not realize, until recently, is that Dupixent is used to treat moderate to severe asthma. This is really encouraging. When I read this, it was like a double-whammy!! Knowing that there is the possibility that I can get both of my conditions down to a really well controlled and manageable process is very exciting. It could be a real game-changer!!

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Possible side effects

After much research, I know that there are some important side effects to consider. I read on this very community about some of them. Sore throat pain, and cold sores in the mouth or on the lips. Eye and eyelid inflammation, including redness, swelling, and itching have also occurred. 1

Of course, there are always side effects with any medication but, in my opinion, some of these seem like a small price to pay in order to live a greater quality of life. Dupixent is a highly potent drug and although I am excited about the possibility of using it, I am cautious. Talking with others, I am frequently told that Dupixent should be a last resort measure. The main objective for me would be to reduce my overall intake of steroid medication. This would mean that my body would depend less on the need for steroids and I believe my overall health would benefit as a result.

Keep my expectations low

As highlighted above, going from using my traditional medicines to actually getting on Dupixent is far from easy. Dupixent has been available for over four years and I am still not able to get on it. So, I know that although this is a really exciting time in the asthma/eczema world for new treatments, the process to get from traditional meds to the new ones are can be a long drawn out procedure.

One thing that does leave me feeling extremely positive about my future is that merely having the knowledge that I could get better and live a relatively normal life. It gives me much hope. It might take months, even a year or so, to be able to try Dupixent, but there seems to be that faintest of glows at the end of the tunnel. What I have to do right now is keep my expectations low and be patient. I am due to see a specialist and will see what happens from there!

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