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Asthma memes that are actually sort of funny. (At least I think so.)

Asthma Memes That Are Actually Sort Of Funny

I spent most of the summer of 2015 working as a tournament assistant with a local sport organization. On the last night of the biggest tournament of the season (the same day where the executive director kept telling me to go eat pasta because there was so much!), I had a player ask me to text him the picture I’d taken of him and his partner with their trophy.

Except, nah, he didn’t just say “thanks” for us to go on with our lives. We proceeded to spend the rest of the evening not actually really talking, but sending memes back and forth. And making memes. And general nonsense.

I greatly enjoy memes—when they are good, or when they make sense to me, at least.

Asthma memes? So. Many. Of. Them. Are. Total. Garbage.

So, here we go: My top ten, family-friendly, mildly amusing asthma memes. (The not family-friendly ones are also coincidentally not at all funny.)

Asthma: You suck at breathingIMG_5001

Or, per The Fault in Our Stars, “Lungs that suck at being lungs.” I mean, sometimes they are okay. But they are still more high maintenance than they should be. Come on, medicine every day?


Very asthma, much inhaler


Such doge. And you can never go wrong with such doge, even if it much inhaler, because obviously, if you internet at all, you will immediately think ofsuch dogein Twinkie form which ismuch delishus. Unlike inhalers, which are not much delishus. (Especially those anticholinergics, honestly. I’m lookin’ at you, Atrovent and Turdoza.)

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Asthma problems: Breathing

The reason I actually am most amused by this is because WHAT IS ASTHMA PROBLEM #1 THEN?!


Seriously though.

(By the way, Asthma Problem #1 per these guys is “You might as well have ran a marathon by running upstairs.” Which is more accurate some days than others, but also still not at all as smirk-worthy as simply breathing is.)

Not sure if bad endurance… or asthma.


—Said asthmatic who has had a workout lapse (or ten, or a hundred) ever.






…I am a huge fan of Mr. Y U NO. HUGE. He’s gotten me through many bad times, mostly related to human anatomy.

Which, I suppose asthma probz are related to human anatomy. Or at least my own human (patho)physiology.

Hold back cough, have a coughing fit

IMG_5010This cat is wise in the world of asthma. Clearly uses an AeroKat chamber. (I swear it’s a thing. Also the AeroDawg and the AeroHippus which is for horses, not hippos. By the way.)




Asthma problems: Being self-conscious


Not at all funny or even smirk inducing, however, it’s too true to not include on this list.


Asthma: Like a Magikarp with no waterIMG_5012

My babies of the 90s (and babies of the later 80s) asthmatics? You got me right?

This Magikarp looks so distressed, actually. It’s either in need of an inhaler or is beginning the Gyarados evolution process.




You’re right, Mr. Y U NO, as you normally are. Maybe he’s actually secretly Dr. Y U NO.




Picking up my asthma medication FROM THE DARKSIDEOh hey, nice work there Darth. Glad you took Mr. Y U NO’s suggestion seriously. Work that Ventolin! (I wrote “bro” after that, but I was unsure if I wanted Darth Vader to be my bro?)Sometimes I feel like my pharmacy is the dark side. I mean, usually all is well. But even if all is well with the pharmacy team, the pharmacy does feel like the dark side because they have cookies.I hope you are at least mildly amused by these, like I am. Have a favorite asthma meme that I missed? Link it in the comments!Register to be part of our community today!
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