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Technology to the Rescue!

What tools do you use to help manage your asthma? I have learned to utilize many things to help manage my lifelong asthma. There are obvious tools like your medications, your self-care plan, and your doctors, however, have you thought of using technology to help you? Technology was something I had not considered using - until I did. I found it helped to keep me accountable to myself.

How can using technology help with asthma?

We live in a time of advancing and emerging technology with access to just about everything we need in the palm of our hand. Your cell phone is a lifeline to family, friends, your doctor, and the pharmacy, but did you realize it can also be a tool to help you manage and monitor your asthma?

I would not go so far as to say gone are the times of notebooks and diaries to track your symptoms, your peak flow readings, and your medication schedule, but now there are apps that can make this easier for you and/or your child with asthma.

How far technology has come in my experience

I continue to be amazed at the availability of technology and how it improves our lives. Not only have I had lifelong asthma, but my daughter has it also. Her asthma journey began when she was about 18 months old, in 1981. Not to say my daughter is old, but that seems like ages ago! Asthma treatment had not changed too terribly much at that time from my childhood treatment. As her asthma journey continued, and she was breathing at only 60% lung capacity, in 1986 we were able to have an at-home nebulizer. What a difference that made! We also used the peak flow meter and medication daily. What I wouldn't have given to have something that engaged my daughter in tracking her symptoms. I had spiral-bound notebooks we carted around with us daily to school and to the doctor. It was a struggle.

Technology and applications for asthma

I first learned of apps that made asthma management easier by reading an article in September 2016. This particular article highlighted eight different apps, including a kid's app. I am not a developer, nor do I have any financial interest in any of the information provided. As an Android phone user, I found a variety of apps relating to asthma tracking and management by looking on the Google Playstore. I imagine the Apple apps library also has similar apps. Looking online today, I find many more now in 2022. Most apps are free, so it is easy to give them a try.

I tried an app called Vik by wefight, that says "Vik is a virtual companion that supports you through your health journey". I downloaded the Asthma Vik on Google Playstore. This app allows me to ask questions, read articles, and keep a journal and calendar. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the app, its ease of use, and by other information that I read about the company.

What do you think?

Apps will not be for everyone, and they may not meet all of your needs, still, they may be the answer you have been looking for. I tried it and I liked it. Would you be willing to try an app that helps track your asthma for yourself or your child, or do you already utilize an app for your asthma? Share your answers in the comments below!

Be Well.

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