A person having an allergic reaction to a dog and cat

What We Put Up With to Have a Pet

Years ago, the neighbor’s cats decided to move in with us. Tabby and Siamese figured out that we were suckers.

We made the mistake of leaving the front door open and found both cats on the kitchen counter. After that, they would sneak in and we would find them on our bed. Siamese wandered around my van while I was unloading groceries. I did not see him and put the garage door down. He spent the night in my van, poor little guy.

They were everywhere. And silent, so they could easily sneak around the house.

Who can resist petting fuzzy little kittens?

Our neighbors would also leave often and ask my daughter to babysit the kitties.

The neighbors would not let the kitties in the house because the husband is allergic to cats, and the little kids were afraid of the kitties.

So, the kitties decided to move into our house. Is that how you get a cat?

Eleven years later, we still have Tabby. But sadly, Siamese passed away and I cried for 3 weeks.

Allergic to cats

We are a family of 5, and all of us have allergies (to practically everything – including cats).

How can we have cats if we are allergic?

Well...the fuzzy little guy stole our hearts. So, there are a few things we have done to keep Tabby.

All 3 of my kids have had allergy shots, which has helped them be around dogs, cats, trees, grass, weeds, etc. Allergy shots are not a cure, but it does make their symptoms less bothersome.

I have a friend who is single and wanted a dog to keep her company, so she had 5 years of allergy shots. It has helped her have fewer allergy and asthma symptoms around her dog.

We all take allergy pills before we go to bed at night, and take allergy nose spray every morning.

And we buy tissues in bulk from the warehouse store (not kidding).

But Tabby is not allowed in any of the bedrooms. Of course, that leaves the family room, living room, and offices for him to lounge around in. That little slacker.

When my adult kids come home to visit, they walk right past me and go see Tabby. They take lots of photos, pet him, and snuggle him. Then they immediately go and wash their hands, arms, and face. Then change their shirt.

Does having a cat affect us?

Yes, we sneeze and wheeze. And Daughter broke out in a rash on her cheek after hugging Tabby.

Are we going to get rid of Tabby? No. You might as well ask me to get rid of one of my kids. He is part of the family, and he’s not going anywhere.

Can you have pets if you have asthma?

There isn’t a yes or no answer to this.

What is your experience with having pets and asthma?

Some people with asthma choose to have a pet and work to manage their asthma symptoms while having that pet. Other people cannot have a pet because of their asthma. What is your experience? Do you have a pet or have you chosen not to? Share your story with the community by clicking the button below.

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