You’re Too Complicated

A lot of times we look to our healthcare professionals to provide us with valuable information about our health, especially in terms of our ability to breathe. When you have asthma, your pulmonary doctor is supposed to be able to one of the doctors you are the most comfortable with and can trust the most. My relationship started that way with one pulmonary doctor and now as I watch her treat my husband for COPD, I find myself double checking everything because of her actions with me and my asthma.

Asthma & Lung Damage

My asthma is not qualified as severe but I have severe lung damage from an extremely bad case of pcp pneumonia in 2016. The two combined can be a challenging combination. The lungs are slower to recover from the damage that they encounter because they continue to be used every day and are continuing to have to filter out everything you breathe in every day. There are days when it is complicated to tell if the symptoms are part of asthma or part of the lung damage. At times, some of the symptoms can be very similar, such as shortness of breath.

Instead of a Doctor Admitting Error

Around Thanksgiving, my husband and I both started showing symptoms of bronchitis/pneumonia. For my husband, it is less of major concern because he has an extremely strong immune system. While on the other hand, I have autoimmune issues which cause small things to get out of hand quickly if they are not properly dealt with for me. During this time, my general specialist was out of town for the holidays, so my pulmonary doctor was supposed to be talking with him and taking care of my situation. She decided some of the procedures he wanted performed were unnecessary and left us on our own until he returned, after telling my husband that despite the symptoms I was fine. By the time my specialist returned, he had to direct admit me to the hospital for a week of intense antibiotics and the procedures the pulmonary doctor did not perform. After the hospital stay, I had an additional two weeks of several intense antibiotics. Once I was cleared with my specialist, he told me to go ahead and do a post-hospital follow up with the pulmonary doctor. When I met with her, she told me she just did not know what happened. That I was obviously too complicated of a patient for her, so she will no longer treat me. That was all she had to say, I am too complicated and she is done with treating me.

My Frustration

Instead of being an adult and being able to say she messed up with my care or miscalculated something. She simply decided to go with I am too complicated of a patient and she no longer wants to treat me. As far as doctors go, I seriously find this absurd and honestly childish.

It leaves me wondering, have you ever been deemed too complicated to treat by a doctor?

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