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"Does anyone get jittery and shaky before attacks? I noticed I started getting shaky before I had them I am still learning which ones warrant ERs and Urgent care I am getting an Apple watch for pulse ox and fall detection this week though."

  1. Hi - thanks for your post and question - it's a good one! I am hopeful others in the community will see your question and respond by sharing their own personal anecdotal experiences.
    I have something to contribute as well. As a clinician caring for patients for many years (as well as being a long-standing asthmatic), I can tell you there are various different 'signals' that telegraph an impending asthma attack for folks living with the disease. Some folks feel an itch in various parts of their bodies, others may have a '6th' sense that an asthma episode is impending. There are almost as many ways to tell as there are patients. In your case, it seems to be feeling jittery and shaky. What I find to be interesting is that you are actually learning to be able to sense the severity of the coming episode.
    I think any adjunct that you may feel is helpful for you, will be worthwhile to get. Please do check back and let us know how you are doing with the new watch.
    All the best,
    Leon L (author/moderator

  2. Something to consider if you haven't already -- do you have an "asthma action plan"? This would be something you and your doctor come up with together to determine what you would do, and in what order, if you have an attack. For example, they might suggest what order to use your medications in, how long to wait between each dose, and how to proceed if it's not helping. Having a plan in place can help you to use the data you get from your watch in the most efficient way.

    Here's an article that explains in more detail:

    I give you credit for trying to learn all you can and working hard to stay safe. I hope we can continue to help you in that process. Take care! -Melissa, asthma team