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How is asthma diagnosed?

Community Answers
  • Richard Faust
    2 years ago

    A proper asthma diagnosis can be difficult, with up to 30% of diagnosis being incorrect. The misdiagnoses often come from there being no standard test for asthma. Asthma is largely diagnosed through medical history, physical examination, and finally a lung function test know as spirometry. This article from our editorial team offers an in-depth look at the diagnosis process, with links to more detailed information on specific elements:

  • Lorene Alba, AE-C moderator
    2 years ago

    Asthma is diagnosed three ways; history of symptoms, listening to the lungs to check for wheezing and air movement, and by taking a lung function test such as spirometry. Learn more about diagnosing asthma here:

  • Theresa Cannizzaro, Respiratory Therapist moderator
    2 years ago

    Asthma is diagnosed by a doctor. A lung function test (also called spirometry) is done along with an exam and a detailed medical history. Here is an article that might be helpful:

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