Larry's Story

I am 81 years old. I had severe asthma in my early years. I lived in Lansing, Michigan until I was eight and then in a small city in northern Michigan after a doctor told my parents that I should move to an area with fewer air pollutants.

Managing asthma in the cold

The move didn't change my condition. I remember being down on my knees in the kitchen struggling for breath as well as not being able to enjoy winter sports such as skiing. I hibernated inside.

Asthma and weather changes

The cold weather exasperated my asthma. When warmer weather arrived I began to suffer less and less, only to have the healing scars of my asthma reopened. My suffering began when cold weather arrived once again.

Asthma-free in the sunshine state

After suffering in Northern Michigan until I was 42 I moved to Florida. I INSTANTLY no longer had asthma and have not had it for 39 years. I have no doubt that my asthma was caused by living in the cold in my previous life. I don't know if most doctors understand this but I am sure that the warm weather cured my asthma.

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