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I did some research after investigating what can help with asthma. I am a chronic asthmatic, had two respiratory events, and am desperate for relief. I came across a case study that in Ghana, cocoa is used as a treatment for asthma.

Cocoa for asthma

I bought good quality cocoa powder, 100% cocoa. In a large mug, I put three teaspoons full of cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and mixed it with a little low-fat milk. I broke up two squares of 95% dark chocolate into the mug, poured boiling water into the mixture to melt the chocolate pieces then filled up the mug with warm water. Stirred well and then drank one mug daily. I noticed a change in the feeling in my chest, the weight I felt I was breathing against lifted. I could not walk 100ft without stopping. It took me nearly an hour to walk a 1/2 mile. I can now walk a mile in 32 minutes. My husband is amazed and so am I. Dark cocoa contains bronchodilates. I am still asthmatic and have carried on taking my medications, but nowhere near as tight-chested as I used to be. I am increasing my exercise because I can; it much is less of a struggle.

Have you tried cocoa for asthma relief?

I am curious that this has not been investigated more by asthma researchers. I would be interested in feedback from others.

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