Do I Have Asthma or COPD...

After a very severe asthma attack that landed me in ER, I was referred to a pulmonologist for a lung function test.

COPD diagnosis

To my surprise, a week later I was told I had COPD. This was a shock....she gave me a 30 day supply of Wixela and ten days in, I developed a sore throat, tongue, gums, and roof of mouth were hoarse and my voice began changing.

Side effects

I read the side-effects of medication and bingo! I called my doctor and was advised to quit taking the medication for 5-7 days and by the third day without taking it, most of my above symptoms had vanished. The doctor told me to use my rescue inhaler and nebulizer until December 5 which is when my next appointment is scheduled for.

Is it asthma or COPD?

Is it ok to do this and do I have severe asthma or COPD? I am confused a little bit by her cavalier response or is this a normal one on her part? Thanks for any input anyone can give me, I feel a bit uncomfortable about it all.

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