I Was Diagnosed With Adult-Onset Asthma

My asthma was diagnosed as adult-onset when I also was 50 years old, by a pulmonologist. It was following a severe sinus infection. I do remember having allergy related infections all my life, but this was worse.

After 10 years of being admitted to the hospital off and on with severe asthma attacks, I finally had relief with Advair (combination Albuterol and steroid).

This year, my asthma has worsened. I've put off returning to a pulmonologist, but plan to do so soon. I think at the age of 81 and studying my case, I see COPD as being a cause of breathing problems, as well. I smoked for over 20 years and while growing up, I lived in a home with constant secondary smoke. However, you look at it, my lung problems were impacted by cigarette smoke.

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