I Fired My Asthma Doctor

I thought I had found a great doctor last year. He tried new medicines and had great success controlling my asthma until I didn't and ended up in the ER in February of 2021. I don't understand what happened since. First off I didn't hear from the doctor for a week after the ER. I had to send him the records the hospital gave me even though I called his office to let them know to request the records. When my Fasenra injection was due, the pharmacy needed authorization from the doctor. They called, I emailed him and called but to no avail. I didn't get the Fasenra that month, and lastly I needed a refill on Vitamin D3 and instead they called the pharmacy D2 (by mistake? or does he want me to switch?) No communication leads to being fired!! I am going to a different doctor next month.

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