You forget that symptoms are not normal.

I've been asthmatic since I was a child. And that's all I really know. So I expect to have to take my blue inhaler when I get symptoms. That just becomes the reality. The trouble is....that when my symptoms become more persistent than I do tend to ignore or forget about them, that is until I have a bigger flare up or asthma attack.

And then it happened again

This happened recently again. I had a pretty big asthma flare-up where not only was I woken during the night and needed 8 puffs of my inhaler and managed to get back to sleep for a bit, but I was then woken by my asthma again and this time I needed over 20 puffs. I was jittery, trembling and my heart was racing by this point. But I did manage to catch my breath. It's only when something like that happens that I start to evaluate my symptoms and the recurrence of them. I'm now on 8 puffs of my preventer a day to try and get me back to a normal level. I find it hard because for me, using inhalers is such a normal part of my daily life that I forget that it's not normal to need them as much.


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