Homeopathic Asthma Alternatives

I've had intermittent asthma throughout my adult life. At times it's been worse than others - seasonal allergies or change of weather triggers. I've done all I can to minimize the triggers: hard surface floors, no curtains, whole house medical grade air purifier, top of the line allergen air filters, etc.

I've also done the gamut of pharmaceutical meds - Advair, Albuterol inhaler, prescription antihistamines, Prednisone. I would characterize my asthma as mild to moderate, taking into account my age, weight, and activity levels. I'm an almost 70-year-old fluffy introvert grandma.

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Finding homeopathic alternatives

After doing all the traditional pharma meds, I researched and found several homeopathic alternatives. They focus on keeping airways open and minimizing phlegm and mucus. I would never recommend someone should just opt to make a change in meds without consulting their doctor, but for me it was worth a shot to see if it could help.

Revising my asthma regimen

I disliked the idea that 3 of the 5 asthma meds I took were steroids. I began to slowly revise my asthma regimen and found a good balance. I still use my inhaler on occasion, and have been using Flonase for post nasal drip. I also take Loratadine for seasonal allergies and cough medicine at times to keep my cough at bay. I also just found a homeopathic sinus med to replace the Flonase, because it's also a steroid and I don't like a drippy nose. I'm working with my primary care Nurse Practitioner who has seen and reviewed my homeopathic meds.

Again, I would never recommend anyone replace their Pharma regimen without support and management with their doctor, but for me I'm happy to balance my homeopathic meds with occasional help from Pharma meds.

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