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Air Purifiers

Hi folks!
I hope you're doing great!
My friend is asthmatic, I'm not. I signed up here to ask your wise and experienced advice. My friend turns 25 next month, and I decided to gift him an air-purifier. He had one, but it's gone.
Which purifier is the best for asthmatics? I know, that there are special air-purifiers for this case, so I need one of them. Thanks!

  1. That is a great question. And it is one my asthma friends and I have discussed at times. Obviously, there are some air purifiers that cost a lot of money. And there are others that are more cost effective. They each have their own claims. We actually asked a few of these companies to send us their product so we could test it out and write a review. So, that didn't get us very far. So, basically, it's difficult to know what air purifier is best. I basically went on Amazon where you can read the reviews. I got one that had good reviews, although after a few months it stopped working. So, a great question and will be curious what other community members have to recommend. All the best. John. site moderator.

    1. Hi Aliastar, and thanks for this very timely question. As my colleague, John, has said, this is not an easy question to answer objectively. Since he has already addressed that difficulty, I did a brief search (on our website), and found articles that might provide you with some additional insight as you start to shop around for the best product to give your friend.

      This article, on the difference between air purifiers and humidifiers: .

      I do hope you find this to be helpful.
      Please do check back and let us know how your quest turns out for you.

      Good luck!
      Leon (site moderator

      1. First of all, I want to say, that you guys are amazing. The only 2 people who answered me are both moderators. Thank you for your work and for the great community you develop for people who have asthma.
        As for purifiers, I read articles you advised. My friend already has a humidifier, even I do, so I think he can handle the moisture. If I'm not mistaken, if my friend has asthma but he's not allergic there are no special triggers, are there? I'm a little bit confused.
        Currently exploring online stores, still nothing ;(

        1. Thank you. We appreciate your kind words. So glad you find our community helpful. And great question. Some of this is new to me. But, some of our contributors have written about VOCs ( and particulate matter ( These are things that are microscopic in the air and have the "potential" to trigger asthma. I would believe that most air purifiers should be able to clear these from the air. Not 100% positive about that, but I think that's the goal for them. Lots of articles on these subjects if you are interesting on clicking over and checking them out. Hope this helps. John. site moderator.

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