PrecISE Study Imatinib Part 2

My second month on the Imatinib has been encouraging to say the least. Even though it isn't stopping attacks from happening, the Dupixent certainly isn't the commercial (helps prevent asthma attacks), well, at least not for me. I had some unexplained bruising last month, but that is better. I'm still wondering if it truly did cause my iron deficiency anemia, but extended prednisone use has made me anemic too. I have certainly noticed a reduction of the residual inflammation and mucus that is normal for asthmatics days after having an attack and one attack doesn't lead to another the next day overall. I am still avoiding some definite attack places, but I have recently been to the store myself to return an online order and another time to get puppy food. Both times, I have had some problems, but nothing that carried over to the following days.

Avoiding wood smoke triggers

With it getting cooler overnight in northwest Missouri, the people that burn wood for heat has increased the amount of wood smoke in the area that has been a constant assault on my lungs, but the attack from being outside isn't too immediate. However, I am still avoiding my dad's house because of my step-mother's smoking. Passive tobacco smoke on people's person is still quite offensive and the tightness starts right away. I see my pulmonologist, who is also the lead physician for the study in my region, next Wednesday and I'm eager to discuss my experience with the Imatinib with him.

My experience with Imatinib for asthma

The PrecISE Asthma Research Study1, precision medicine for exacerbation-prone asthma, will stop enrolling participants December 2023 and the study will end December 2024. This has been a wonderful research experience for me and I look forward to trying another, as long as the doctor approves. One certainly gets to the point that one is ready to try almost anything for some relief of attacks.

I have not had a bronchial thermoplasty, but some days I have considered asking for one in order to have multiple no attack days in a row and be able to attend Christmas at my dad's despite the passive tobacco smoke. Anyone have a positive experience with bronchial thermoplasty?

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