Removing All My Asthma Triggers

After an incorrect chest x-ray diagnosis of an "ill defined space occupying lesion of neo-plastic pathology" (CT-Scan ultimately showed healing scar tissue) I nonetheless had embarked on a strict diet and simply juiced vegetables and steamed vegetables, ate raw vegetables and low sugar fruits. I touched nothing from a bottle, jar, packet, box or anything processed and solely lived on fruit and veggies for six weeks.

I went away for a long weekend and when I returned home and walked in the door, my jaw dropped to the floor and remained there for some time, as there on the table was my Ventolin inhaler!! I had never in 50 years left the house without my inhaler. What's more shocking is that after 50 years of conditioning to always know where it was, I didn't once think about where it was over the long weekend.

Finally after six weeks of removing every food trigger, I was, without realizing, breathing properly for the first time in 50 years and my brain didn't need to tell me to think of my asthma spray.

Truly astonished still to this day, that having removed all asthma food triggers in my diet, I never once considered my inhaler for an entire long weekend. The silver lining to the dodgy x-ray analysis, was to try and heal my body, meanwhile I was unknowingly healing my lungs and treating my asthmatic condition.

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