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It all started 4 yrs. ago at age 65......

After going for spray tans 3 times a week for four months I started having shortness of breath. A year later dx. with severe asthma. Now another year later and following two transatlantic cruises I have had the same exact ending experiences. On the last day of both cruises, on our way to the airport, or through the city, we are driving through an area of dense smog, tremendous gas car and truck fumes. I start having coughing jags, shortness of breath, used my rescue inhaler to no avail. I now use a mask. Then I loose my voice over the next few days. Totally lose my voice and have hoarseness. Within a week I develop a deep croupy cough, and have coughing jags that don't stop for 20 minutes or more. Inhalers don't help much. Lungs burn. It is exhausting and makes me lightheaded. Cough suppressants help tame the cough for a few hours. But my pO2 dropped to 83% the first time, so pulmonologist put me on O2 3 L/M. I used it over the next few weeks 24/7. Then weaned myself back to nighttime only. I use it like a CPAP. Can't believe I've experienced this exactly the same way twice. Has anyone else had this experience?? I've heard cruise ships have worse air than airplanes!!

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