Asthma Treatment


  • By Jojo

    I am thinking of trying acupuncture to treat my rather severe and ongoing asthma. Has anyone out there used acupuncture in their treatment?

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  • By sallyw

    Hi, Joan. I tried acupuncture for a few months, before resigning myself to the need for daily inhalers. I always felt that I could breathe better after the treatments, but the effect was short-lived. It may have been the result of relaxing in a quiet, dimly lit room with an air purifier and a salt lamp as much as the acupuncture itself. If you have the time for frequent treatments, acupuncture may be helpful as a supplement to your medical treatments.

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  • By acusailor

    Hi Jojo,

    I have been practicing acupuncture since 1995 and have helped children get over their asthma. Having said that though, I have severe adult onset asthma since about 18 months, and while I do treat myself, I must say that it only helps me temporarily. So my feeling is that it probably depends a bit on the severity of the asthma and would have to be a long term treatment in conjunction with other things. I have done a lot of research on the topic from all perspectives, and so far the most promising things I have found are three Chinese herbs which have been studied extensively and have a similar effect to prednisone, but with more benefits (although they work more slowly), and the other, which has helped me a lot, is the Buteyko Method.

    Best of luck,

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