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Coping with Asthma

Asthma Myths and Misconceptions

  • By lauren.tucker Keymaster

    There are so many asthma myths and misconceptions. Please comment in the forum and let me know what are some asthma myths you hear ALL the time and get frustrated about!

  • By Lyn Harper, RRT Moderator

    It’s very frustrating to hear “you’re not wheezing, so it’s not asthma” or something similar. Actually, many people with asthma can experience a flare without wheezing. Conversely, a person may have a wheeze and not have asthma. It takes an astute healthcare provider to make the right determination.

  • By Leon Lebowitz, RRT Moderator

    It’s often heard that if you have asthma as a child, you will certainly outgrow it. This is clearly not true. Although asthma symptoms may dissipate as one gets older, hypersensitivity of the airways can generally follow one throughout one’s life. As one gets older, since the airways and lungs grow larger, the sensitivity may decrease too. However, over time, ‘adult onset’ asthma can usually be traced back to childhood symptoms.
    Leon (site moderator)