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Exercise and Activity

Doubles tennis and pickleball

  • By Norty

    I am 85 and play the above.
    Sometimes I use my inhaler before and during and get thru the game. Other times, I just can’t get enough air and have to quit.
    I may have contacted a virus.
    Coughing up phelgm during the game. Seems too help.

  • By Leon Lebowitz, RRT Moderator

    Hi again Norty and thanks for this post as well. You’re really an inspiration being able to play tennis and pickle ball. It’s good to hear the inhaler helps you during the game. Do you think other times may be because you are just simply winded from playing?
    As long as you’re able to continue to be this kind of active, you’re doing quite well. Keep up the good work!
    Leon (site moderator)