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person choosing between a dog and having an asthma attack

Are Dogs Good for Asthma?

A couple years ago, I made a video called “Would Having A Dog Be Good For My Asthma?”. Well, I still don’t have a dog, but a week into dog-sitting Guide Dog Murray (aka my #bestdog), I reflect on the original video, reframing the question to figure out if my initial hypotheses were correct! (Answer: Yes… and no. And maybe?)


Are dogs good for asthma?

What has your experience been with asthma and dogs? Tell your story here.

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  • Shellzoo
    4 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video as I do have a dog. My 10# allergen aka “The Dog” most likely aggravates my allergies and asthma. When I had allergy testing done a few years ago the nurse looked at my back and said “ohhhhhhhhh you are definitely allergic to dogs!” I was told to find a home for my dog but went against medical advice and decided to keep my best friend of almost 16 years. I now get allergy shots and dog is one of my 6 shots. Since then I have been diagnosed with both asthma and eczema but I most likely had both years prior to getting my dog. The shots help but I have had a bad asthma attack dropping my dog off at the kennel and have to make special arrangements for that, groomer and vet visits so I limit dander exposure. When my current dog passes away, would I get another dog? Absolutely but, I would be careful what breed and take lots of precautions. The companionship my dog gives me is priceless and of course the benefits of exercise and routine are good too. My dog as of late has become a perfect alarm clock, waking me up at 4 am every morning.

  • Kerri MacKay moderator author
    4 months ago

    I wrote an article previously that people don’t tend to necessarily be allergic to dog breeds themselves, but the individual chemistry of a dog!! It seems crazy but also sort of makes sense?!

    I totally understand choosing your dog over medical “orders”! Some things are just not negotiable and you just have to figure out how to make it work!! 🙂
    Thanks for your comment!

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