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Has anyone received allergy shots for their asthma and has it helped with symptoms?

  1. I have allergic asthma and have been getting allergy shots for over 5 years. I am sure they have helped me but that is because of my type of asthma. Just got more shots today.

    1. Hi again, Shellzoo - thanks so much for joining in this conversation. We appreciate you sharing your asthma experiences taking allergy shots with the community.

      From our many conversations here in our community, it sounds like you have a very good understanding of this condition and how best to manage it in concert with your physician(s).

      Keep up the good work!
      Leon (site moderator

  2. I am about half way through to the maintenance dose and feel no different. I have to carry water with me at all times because I have a cough. If I can't hinder it, I will wind up with an attack. This is my normal.

    1. Hi , and thanks for chiming in here. Besides the maintenance medication, which you are halfway through, what else do you find yourself doing to try to fend off this potential attack?

      Is there anything we can do to assist you? Please just let any of the moderators / team members know if there is.

      Good luck! And, please keep us posted as to your progress.

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. I started shots a couple of months ago and they are still increasing the dose until I hit a maintenance level. I am about halfway through and see no difference. I cough all the time. I usually get an exacerbation every three months but this time I refused prednisone and haven't one since October. Working with a pulmonary specialist and Immunologist. Still not better.

    1. Hi again, , and thank you for your latest update earlier today. Glad to hear you are working with both a pulmonologist and an immunologist. Hopefully, the two doctors working together and with you, they will be able to manage your care so you do see an improvement.

      We are all pulling for you here in our community. We appreciate you keeping us apprised of your progress.

      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

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