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Anyone having issues with Breo Ellipta? I have changed from Arnuity

  1. Hi. We've had a lot of people in the community use Breo, both currently and in the past, so I am hoping you get some good feedback. In the meantime, how are you doing with it so far? Are you having any trouble?

    Here is a good article that shares some feedback from others:

    Let us know if you have other questions or if we can help with anything! Thanks for reaching out. -Melissa, asthma team

    1. Hi, I've been on Breo for about 6 months and have no issues other than the taste and cost. I do rinse and gargle then brush my teeth after using it. It's helped my asthma greatly - no exacerbations since starting it!

      1. Hi. I also used Breo for a few years, and had very good results from it. My insurance has since moved me on to a similar inhaler. But, while I was taking Breo I had good asthma control. I see you posted your question on May 23. How are you doing since then? Have you been using Breo? John. community moderator.

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