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Are your asthma symptoms different on vacation?

Hi, so as many of you know, I am on a vacation. I flew to my destination. I have been having some issues with my asthma, but not a lot. My symptoms are slightly different. Usually I only wheeze when I have a respiratory infection, This is the first time I've had a wheeze without an infection, it's higher pitched than normal too, I've had a pretty good handle on my asthma so far. Mostly posting this cause it's interesting. I wanna know if anyone else has experienced something similar.

  1. My symptoms depend on the trigger. Maybe you were exposed to a new trigger? I just got back from a camping trip Up North. I enjoyed camp fires, waterfalls, lighthouses…. I forgot to pack one of my controller inhalers. I had a little wheezing but never was so bad I felt I needed to treat. I even climbed 154 steps to the top of a waterfall! I won’t forget my inhaler next time but thankfully I did ok without it.

    1. I'm glad to hear you did alright! I bet the waterfall was beautiful - I've always wanted to see one myself in real life. I agree that symptoms can totally depend on the triggers! Thanks for sharing. -Corinne, moderator

    2. always a good idea to be prepared with extra medicines! I travel very heavy with everything I could ever need or want 😀 -Corinne, moderator

  2. Great question! I'm currently on vacation myself so I will have to see if I experience the same thing 😀 Sometimes I do notice different locations will trigger different symptoms - where I am right now is a lot less humid but a lot warmer than my home state. -Corinne, moderator

    1. the heat definitely affects me, that's for sure! My trip has been the same way, and I've noticed an increase in asthma symptoms as well. -Corinne, moderator

    2. Yeah, I hate the increase in symptoms, I almost went a day without using my inhaler, but my sister used the hairdryer in the bathroom and that made it smell weird and stuff, so yeah... almost made it 24 hours.

  3. asthma is weird. We vacation all summer on the South Carolina coast. And when we’re there my asthma pretty much goes away completely. I’ve read a few studies that some asthmatics find relief from the ocean air.

    1. another pro for living near the beach! That's awesome you've been so well controlled where you are. -Corinne, moderator

    2. Omg not a day without symptoms?! I can't even imagine! Good luck to you

  4. That’s great to hear! We have a 2-year plan to move out there permanently.

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