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Asthma and screened porches in the south

I want to glass in our screened porch because of pollen, dust, heat and cold. How do you feel about it? How much time can I really spend there?

  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your question here -- it is a good one. Glassing in your screened porch to block pollen, dust, heat, and cold sounds like a good idea for asthma. You can likely spend more time there, especially during high pollen seasons. Just make sure it's well-ventilated and comfortable. My mom actually did this to her front porch and it worked out nice. It can now be heated or cooled like the rest of her home. And we actually spend quite a bit of time out there. So it's definitely an option. John. community moderator

    1. Hi Susi, I love this question that you have posed to the community! I wonder if other members here have had a similar situation. Are you able to enjoy time on your porch with it screened in? -Lauren (team member)

      1. Hi Lauren. I can only use the space a few months each year because of cold, pollen, dust and/or heat. It seems to have gotten worse the last two years. It was a haven during Covid but right now I look wistfully at it and hope for rainy days to drop the pollen.

        1. I think it's a wonderful idea if you have the ability to do it, ! My parents have a screened porch and there's constant upkeep because of the pollen, dirt and even birds flying through the screen (has happened more than once!). As for me, I live in a development and am not allowed to enclose my porches at all, so unfortunately I rarely use them. I would love for you to have the opportunity. 😀 Let us know what you decide! -Melissa, asthma team

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