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Asthma and sinus surgery

Getting ready to have sinus surgery as I have chronic sinusitis and so many rounds of antibiotics that works until 3-5 days finishing and then I start all over again. I am new to understanding my asthma which is not managed yet. I use long acting inhaler Wixela 500mg 2x per day and a daily inhaler plus of course albuterol. Recently started using a nebulizer at home when needed.

I am wondering if the sinus craziness and asthma work together? I am new to this whacky disease. My spirit is fatigued by this and I am a cancer survivor.

Feedback and opinions are very very welcome.

  1. Hello - I certainly hope your sinus surgery assists in managing your upper respiratory struggles, namely asthma and infections. I've had 2 sinus surgeries in the distant past. It has helped me a good deal! I believe it put less stress and strain on my lungs struggling to bring in oxygen and clean air, considering my sinus passages were 99% clogged.

    "Most, but not all, healthy persons breathe through the nose unless exercising. The resistance to breathing of the nose is about twice that of the mouth and nearly half the total resistance of the airways. The disadvantage of this is offset by the advantage obtained by the air-conditioning and filtering activities of the nose, which warm, moisten, and filter the air before it comes in contact with the delicate respiratory regions of the lungs." Breathing through the nose is seen as a "filter" and if compromised may decrease or cause dysfunction of the lungs ability to work correctly.

    I hope others chime in and offer up their experiences. This is a welcome topic, especially since allergy season is upon us and irritants are plaguing many. Sending you healing thoughts. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

    1. Thanks for the additional information. Very reassuring to hear about another’s experience with sinus surgery. So glad to hear it helped. I am in the Los Angeles area and I noticed a couple of weeks ago as our weather changed so did my sinus and of course asthma.

      I am really starting to appreciate allergy season! Previously I just dealt with seasonal allergies but now so much more of an impact on my health.
      I welcome any responses.

      1. Good morning. Glad to hear you found 's response helpful. I had nasal surgery a little over 30 years ago, and found it to be very helpful. I have continued to see an ear-nose-and throat doctor to help me manage my nasal symptoms --- which in turn has also helped me improve my asthma control. Are you seeing an ENT (ear-nose-and throat) or other such a doctor to help you with your nasal issues? Perhaps a referral may be in order? Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator. (

    2. Hello, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, I have an ENT doc who consults regularly with my Asthma doc. I am still trying to understand how I can better manage my sinus symptoms to alleviate the asthma sx. For me it feels like one big issue- can’t breathe well and feeling overall tired! Haha

      1. Understandably your breathing is affected and you have fatigue. Struggling with an upper respiratory system that is working double time can be exhausting.

        I wanted to leave a link with a post that also has information regarding the sinuses and asthma.
        Another link is referencing managing mucus.

        Hope you find some of it informative and helps you in the future. Rebecca (team member)

      2. Hi there, feeling tired must be so exhausting to manage. Do you have any relief? The combination of sinus issues and asthma can be tough to manage. I'm glad to hear that your doctors are working together to help you. All the best, Lauren (team member)

    3. Thanks Rebecca, articles were informative

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