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How can I help someone with asthma, when they don't want to be helped?

I am with someone who does not want to understand my asthma. He is healthy but loves to smoke. We argue often because of his inability to understand and selfishness. Have suggestions?

  1. Hi chulamystic and thanks for your post. That is a very real question for many of our community members (in one form or another). In your particular case, it sounds like your partner is less interested in (and doesn't understand) your asthma, but wants to continue their own ways (smoking). This is a genuine challenge. I would say you should keep trying to educate this person and keep them informed. If all your overtures fall on deaf ears, so-to-speak, you will have a personal decision to make about your own lifestyle. You may want to seek additional advice as well from your friends, family and medical team. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

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