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COVID and Protecting your Asthmatic Lungs

After almost 2 years of this pandemic, I have finally caught covid. On day 6 and don't even really know to describe it, other than good days and not such good days. It seems I have developed nearly every symptom in varying degrees of unpleasantness but so far, and I am sure that because of my asthma, I have been particularly careful to protect my chest and lungs. At the advise of my doctor, I have gone to maximum dose of control inhaler, 2 puffs twice a day, and making liberal use of my rescue inhaler whenever the cough is worrisome or my chest feels even a little tight or sore. Also I am on a mucoletic 3 times a day to keep phlegm thin and easily coughed up and try drink a lot of water, although it's not as easy with a swollen throat and glands. Anyway, just thought I would share my thoughts on how to protect your asthmatic lungs.

  1. Hi, Sorry to hear you contacted COVID. I also was able to avoid it for 2 years before getting it a few months ago. It is certainly a challenge to deal with the symptoms of COVID along with asthma. Although, it sounds like you are on a good medicinal regimen to keep your asthma under control. So, that's definitely good. And that's pretty much the same as what I did. And it worked well for me. And thank you for sharing your COVID story here. I think it is helpful to others who are going through the same thing. Hope you feel better soon. John. community moderator.

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