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Has anyone had a deminished sense of smell?

I have always had a strong sense of smell and am bothered by many triggers related to different smells. I have recently noticed that I can not smell things as well. (Others have pointed out that I am not responding to fragrances in the air.) I have been on nebulizer medication for many years. Has anyone experienced this decrease in sense of smell?

  1. Hi Linn,
    I have noticed diminished sense of smell several years ago, in parallel with recurrence of my asthma (which was inactive for several years before that). Later on I developed new rhinitis.
    I noticed that active rhinitis/secretions contribute to the decrease in smell, though are not necessary.

    Sometimes it is a sign of nasal polyps, which are common in asthmatics. If it bothers you, get checked by an otolaryngologist.
    I found there are many advantages to this smell decrease😉

    1. Glad to hear I am not alone. I do have increased rhinitis but am not too bothered by that. There is a benefit of not being quite as sensitive to smells!
      I am under the care of an ENT and will probably discuss this when I see him again.
      Thanks for your response.

      1. Oh my sense of smell has daminished over
        The past month I think it’s allergy related

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