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Does Asthma Haunt Your Nightmares?

So, since I've been diagnosed, and even more so since I had the worst attack I've ever had, which was recently, asthma has been haunting my nightmares. I'm okay when I wake up and I can breathe fine. I recently had a nightmare that one of my siblings broke my inhaler. It was scary. Anyone else?

  1. I think that's pretty normal, especially because asthma can be unpredictable at times. Do you generally have nightmares? I have them a lot as a side effect of anxiety -- it's the brain's way of processing our thoughts and fears, just like regular dreams. If you feel like your nightmares are excessive or bothering you in the daytime, it might be useful to do a couple sessions of therapy. It's super common for people with chronic health concerns to also struggle with their mental health to some degree, especially after your recent bout with COVID! As always, be patient and gentle with yourself. <3 -Melissa, team

    1. I understand - family can be a very big source of stress. Sorry to hear your sister in particular causes distress. My two brothers would cause me issues and I'd have terrible dreams about them. After I moved away - these resolved but the trauma remained. I understand why you've dreamed of her breaking your inhaler (lifeline to breathing well). So very glad you have someone to talk to about these concerns - Mental health is so important. Hope these dreams ease up. Rebecca

    2. Thank you very much, it's been improving gradually

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