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Expensive Inhalers

I too have fallen into the donut hole with insurance company. Co-pay has tripled because I'm on three different inhalers ($140 each). My doctor has been trying to give me samples when they can, and I also applied for help from a drug company, which sent me some till end of year. Crazy how insurance companies work!!

  1. HI - I hear you and, you are definitely not alone! Others in our community have expressed similar sentiments when it comes to the expenses that can be associated with asthma medications.
    It sound like you are doing all you can - between your physician's cooperation and the assistance from the pharmaceutical houses, perhaps you will be able to get past this 'donut hole' within the insurance system.
    Good luck!
    Leon L (author/moderator

    1. Have youtried applying for Patient Assistance Programs? I have 4 meds that the pharamaceutical companieds provide to me at no cost

    2. What a great avenue to explore! How were you able to get connected with this program? Thanks for sharing! -Lauren (team member)

  2. If I didn’t have Medicaid I can’t get my meds my advair would have cost me I’m thankful formedicaid500

    1. @i looked on the Dupixent My Way copay card, and while meet the 3 question criteria, I am still not "eligible" Frustrating!!

    2. That is so frustrating that you are not eligible for the discount! Do you think you could speak with your doctor about any alternatives to the coupon card? Perhaps they have a pulse on how to get a discount? All the best, Lauren (team member)

  3. I just fell into the donut hole too. Sigh.

    1. Sorry to hear this. How are you managing? Have you considered getting financial assistance for your medications? I really never understood the concept of the Medicare gap - and the cap on drug coverage - for those enrolled. It surely supports the system more than it does for those who really are suffering financially in later aging years. I hope you are managing well and getting your meds. Warmly - Happy Holidays, Rebecca (community moderator)

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    I'm changing doctors and hope he'll give me samples of whatever the meds will be. Otherwise, I'll just pay what they cost. I don't qualify for assistance.
    It just hacks me that before Medicare, with manufacturer coupons, I was getting Breo for $10 a month. Now on Medicare, I pay more.

    1. a generic diskus for fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powderd diskus which is the same as Advair but in different proportions came out in 2019. My doctor switched me to it 1 year ago. Instead of 2 puffs of Advair HFA it's 1 inhalation of the diskus twice a day. It comes in 2 different strenghts so your doctor could make the cconversion. With Medicare I was paying $119/month for the Advair HFA brand. The diskus dropped to $45/month then $15/month and finally $10/month at least for me. I know everybody's prescription plan is different. President Biden's Prescription Drug Pricing Plan eventually redued the price on more more medications.

    2. A $110 savings per month is amazing! I'm glad that you and your doctor were able to figure out how to get you on a reasonably priced medication. Does the diskus work as well for you? I hope so! -Lauren (team member)

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