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Finally have an answer

After a year of little asthma control, poor breathing and too much time in the hospital, I finally have an answer to the question why? Yesterday day I had a bronchoscopy and discovered I have vocal cord disfunction. I still have sever asthma but this was why it was not controlled. It has been such a relief to finally have answers.

  1. Hi missmila, and thanks for sharing this information about your diagnoses with both asthma and now vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). I am sure you are feeling this relief to have an answer for your concerns.
    How does your physician plan to treat you now that you have been diagnosed with both asthma and VCD?
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. I will know more next week when I see my specialist. I know he was going to consult with an ENT, but beyond that I am not sure yet.

      1. Hi again, missmila, and thanks for your reply and explanation. I will wish you 'good luck!' on your planned appointment with the specialist next week. Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you.
        Warm regards,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi there. So sorry you're going through this, but I imagine that having an answer does help to ease some of your anxiety. I hope you start feeling better soon. <3

      You may be interested to know that our team has written quite a bit on VCD. I ran a search so you can read through them if you want. Here's the link:

      Sending a hug to you! -Melissa, team

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