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Hello and Do you have favorite meditation for your Asthma

My fav meditation :
A Guided Meditation to help relieve Asthma by Belleruth Naparsteck 1992.

Among many others, Belleruth has one for Allergies, for Immune System and just plain relaxation. Her voice is super soothing helps me especially at night to fall back asleep if i wake up coughing.
What is your favorite if you have one ? Or any other non pharmacological ways 😀 ie hot black coffee in am ? 😀

About me:
I am happy to come across this board, newly dx w asthma (Oct 2020 via bronchoprovocation test), after fungal pna May 2019.
Still going through acceptance phase. Hardest for my brain to understand the use of daily meds when i feel asymptomatic and I get really frustrated when i dont. I am having hard time staying compliant with daily meds. I am jealous when asthma rn tells me that some people can get off their meds for the summer time and seems like i am not one of them.
Meds: advair 250/50, spiriva, cingulair10mg and immunotherapy.
I also had the "opportunity" to be on oral steroids March/April....back to back couple rounds and i got really moody....
Thank you for reading my post

  1. A new diagnosis, especially one we weren't expecting, can be such a shock! Taking daily medication when we feel ok does take some getting used to. But, remember the reason you feel well is because you're taking the medication.
    It's true that some people can stop or cut back on medications at times throughout the year, but much of that is determined by what triggers their asthma, the severity of their asthma, and other factors contributing to their symptoms.
    You have my sympathy with the rounds of oral steroids - they are no fun! I also tend to get cranky and ravenously hungry on them. I'm always happy when they end!
    I really love the idea of guided meditation. I have some "meditation music" that I use, which is very relaxing. I'm amazed at how much our mind can play a part in our physical well-being.
    I hope you have a good day. I'm glad you found this site.
    Lyn (Asthma site moderator)

    1. thank you for your kind words !

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