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How do you store your asthma medication?

Everyone has a different treatment plan and process. How and where do you store your medications?
Do you have a stash of medications at home, or do you prefer to hold your prescriptions at the pharmacy until you need them? We'd love to know what works best for you!

  1. I do keep it in my room

    1. Hi - thank you for joining in this conversation. Do you find storing them in your room works well for you? Do you keep extra medications in the house for emergency purposes? Is there anything additional you are able to share with the community at this time?
      All the best,
      Leon L (author/moderator

  2. I keep my Breo Ellipta and inhalers in my room since my insurance send it to me via mail. Is a good idea to keep them in my room instead on the bathroom. That way the humidity does not ruin the medicines

    1. Hi again! Thanks for your response. I think keeping your inhaler in your room is a great idea, if it works well for you. Do you find that you remember to use it? -Lauren (team member)

  3. - as others have mentioned, this is a GREAT idea. And as you've stated, storing your Breo Ellipta inhaler and other asthma medications in your room rather than the bathroom can help prevent exposure to excess humidity, which can potentially degrade the medications. Humidity can impact the stability and effectiveness of certain medications, especially those in powder or aerosol form, like inhalers. I like to designate a spot in my closet to keep my medications out of humidity and heat. Thank you for sharing. I hope your week is progressing well. Rebecca (team member)

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