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How many of you are on Dupexint

  1. Hi there, thanks for posting your question here. Have you and your doctor discussed you potentially starting Dupixint? I hope that some community members engage your post and you can receive some feedback. In the meantime, I'm linking an article that discusses Dupixint in case this is interesting to you! -Lauren (team member)

    1. Hi. My coworker (and fellow asthmatic) told me yesterday that she has been on Dupixent for a month now. And she is feeling so much better -- and has also been able to get off of all her other asthma medications. Is Dupixent a medicine that you are trying or considering? John. community moderator.

      1. Just recently been prescribed Dupixent after test showed Asthma and Copd. Only taken one injection it was extremely painful. Dr suggested putting ice on the injection site before administering the injection. Anyone else have this problem? The injection is the pen form.

        1. I'm sorry to hear that the injections site was so painful! Did the pain last long after the injection was over or was it for a moment only? I've never heard of using ice previous to an injection, but if your doctor suggests it, it seems worth a shot. I'll be curious what other members of the community have to say when chiming in. Best of luck! -Lauren (team member)

        2. Hello - do I understand! I have been on several different injectable medications for chronic disease and they can be very unpleasant. I wanted to share a link to the Dupixent website for reminders and tips. There may be helpful information.

          Icing the area of injection is a great way to help. I've also been advised by my physician to take it out of the fridge and let it sit for 10 minutes before injecting. This can relieve the shock it gives when cold. Also, rotate the injection site each time. You can communicate with your physician to see if these could also be helpful to ease the painful injection. Remaining in touch with your physician is the best way to get maximum benefit from your biological medication. I am sure there are other ways to help. Will circle back around to see if others chime in on the conversation. With regard. Rebecca (team member)

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