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I'd like to know how people get on with their inhalers and if they feel they are really helping

  1. Hi there! This is a great question. Do you use inhalers to keep your asthma controlled? If so, which medications do you use? Thanks for sharing! -Lauren (team member)

    1. Hi. I have been using inhalers since the early 1980's. For me, if I stop using my controller inhaler, I can certainly feel the difference in my breathing. Also, when I stop using them, my chest gets tight and I need my rescue inhaler more often. Over the years I always been willing to try newer asthma inhalers that come onto the market, and sometimes I find one that works better than my old one. Currently I am trialing Trelegy with good results. Do you feel the inhalers you are using aren't helping much? John. community moderator.

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