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Mucus and recurrent colds?

Hey everyone.

I’ve been experiencing some symptoms for more than a year and I really need some advice or to know if anyone has had something like this. I would appreciate any help.

It all started during the lockdown when I had a bronchitis to which my doctor gave me antibiotics (Azitromicina). After a week I was fine. The lockdown ended and my normal life started again (training athletics) since then symptoms like those I had (cough, phlegm and a bit of sob) (not fever, not any other cold symptoms) kept coming every 3 weeks and last for 1 or so. At a point, and bc i couldn’t deal with the mucus I began to take mi mucolitics (Acetilcysteine 600mg) My doctor approved it. Been like until now.

Currently my symptoms are a bit more frequent, every 2 weeks or every other week. My pneum. hasn’t said anything about it. No test no bw no ct, anything.
Has anyone had something like this?
I’ve read it might be bronchiectasis.

*In don’t go to the doctor every time I have it bc I already know it’s bronchitis what I have so…

*I take high dose ICS fostair, antihistaminic, and use my neb when I need. I have Difficult to treat asthma.


  1. Hi. Thank you for your post. Sorry you are having to experience bronchitis that keeps coming back and have to deal with difficult to treat asthma. Based on reading comments from others in the community, I would think that you are not alone in experiencing something like this. I am thinking that perhaps it is time for your doctor to refer you to a pulmonary specialist ( Is this something you have discussed with your doctor or is this something you are already doing? john. community moderator

    1. Hey, thank for answering. I already go to a pulmonologist. And he didn’t do anything. I have an appointment in September and I will insist on it.

      1. Hi imjuuls, and thanks for your reply and further explanation. I am glad you are planning on seeing the doctor again in September. I will wish you 'good luck!' and ask that you please check back and let us know how this all turns out for you.
        If there is anything we can assist you with before then, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. I know in my personal experience, when my asthma is more flared up I produce a lot more mucus, but I would for sure discuss this at your doctor's appointment! Maybe they will have something else to add. -Corinne, moderator

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