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Bellavista Ventilator

Hi, everyone. I have asthma for many years, however, it gets even worse. Without no lying, it makes me really angry and sad at the same time... Right now, the only thing I can think of is how making everything easier. I have read a lot about bellavista ventilator specification and thinking to buy one of them. What do you think? Will it help me to breathe normally? What do uou think? I really need your advice guys.

  1. Hi Luka529 and thanks for your post. You may be aware that we cannot provide medical advice over the internet (for your own safety), but your inquiry certainly warrants a comment. Although I have no professional experience with this specific brand/type of ventilator, looking at the specifications online indicate it is a pediatric ventilator, which means it is utilized for children.
    I would urge you to discuss your present condition, and, as you describe, worsening asthma with your physician. The consideration of using a ventilator in the home is no small undertaking. At the very least, it must be prescribed by a physician and an entire team of health care professionals may be needed.
    We typically urge people who are experiencing persistent or worsening health issues, in this case asthma, to reach out to their doctor and/or specialist. Based on your anger and seeming frustration with your current state of asthma, I would suggest you contact your physician in earnest.
    I hope this provides you with a basic direction in which to go in order to secure professional medical direction and oversight for your asthma.
    Please check back with us and let us know how you're doing.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Hi Luka529,

      I'm so very sorry to hear of your situation and worsening asthma. The amount of frustration that comes through in your post is palpable. My heart truly goes out to you.

      A ventilator is a big undertaking and one I would consider very carefully before going forward. As Leon said, you would need the support of your physician. Even if you were able to purchase one without physician involvement, you could seriously injure yourself without appropriate settings and guidance.

      It sounds like your asthma is not being managed well. I'm not blaming anyone, but it's something you need to address. I suggest you have a candid conversation with your doctor and healthcare team. Perhaps it's time to change your medication regime, look at environmental factors, or assess other triggers that are contributing to your worsening asthma.

      Let us know how you make out.

      Lyn (moderator)

      1. Hi Luka529,
        I really do understand how you feel. Well, i would advice that you try to ascertain what medications works well for you & you might also want to try & recognize your signs & symptoms as well and keeping away from your triggers. You have to understand very well that asthma has no cure but it depends on how well & best it can be managed in order for one to be able to live a productive life.
        For me, i study myself very well & once i realize that am wheezing, feeling very congested & tight, coughing, breathless & feel like am passing out, i quickly let my doctor know about it, it's based on how i feel that she decides what to do. I have a nebulizer my doctor ensured i got mandatorily for my own good otherwise she was ready to stop talking to me or treating me as she knew would benefit alot from it, also take aminophylline & hydrocortisone IV, ventolin 4mg tab & prednisolone 5mg tab. I take 25mg of prednisolone on the 1st day @ night, 2nd day 20mg, 3rd day 15mg, 4th day 10mg, 5th day 5mg then from the 6th day will take 5mg, always ensure take the prednisolone for at least 2weeks by increasing the dose then gradually reduce the dose. It's only after i have nebulized but still not getting relieved that she decides to give me the IV's then take my blood sample to see if i have infections. Recently, i travelled & almost died because i had an attack but i didnt have an inhaler, it was the nebulizer that saved me. It's very good & advisable to work hand in hand with your doctor. Despite the fact that am the one who knows what works for & i know how i feel, my doctor always ask for my opinion in considering the treatment option but i give her the upper hand as she is the doctor.

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