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New Barometric Pressure Tracker Site

Hi Friends,
My asthma always flares up when the barometric pressure drops too far. I've searched for years for an app or website that would allow me to track pressure trends and finally found a brand new site last night:
This is NOT my app... I'm just so impressed by it that I joined here to share it. In case this site blocks urls just search for "barometric pressure trends" and you'll find it. I was so impressed that I gave them a healthy donation. They wrote back to me and said they're working on a similar app for tracking pollen trends.

Denny S

  1. Thanks for sharing, Denny. There are many conditions besides asthma that are strongly affected by the weather or changes in barometric pressure. I can see why this would be useful! -Melissa, team

    1. The Weather Channel App gives that information too. My asthma does like to flare-up with extreme weather change. I think usually the wind spreading mold and pollen.

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