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New Account, Moderate to Severe Asthma, & Started Allergy Shots

Hello, it's nice to see you again, it's Thyme. I got locked out of my account and had to make a new one. I hope you're doing well.

...A lot happened within the past 2 years but it was mostly for the better. I got a new job that is somewhat better for my lungs, less intense exercise and less tobacco smoke but a lot of dust to wash off each day. I finally got to see an ENT and allergy specialist, I learned that out of the 40 allergens they tested me for, I tested positive for all 40 of them, the swelling was quite intense at each site, and the doctors said it was one of the most impressive cases they've seen.

They put me on BREO 200mcg/25mcg alongside my Singulair, so I don't have to use my rescue inhaler as much during the allergy shots since I still ended up needing it on the 100/25 dose. Technically my asthma is labeled moderate, but it went undiagnosed for 10 years being silent asthma, and i occasionally have more severe attakcs but only went to the hospital for one of them. I am on high doses of inhalation powder and questioning the severity of my asthma bc there's a handful of things I cannot do, especially run, jog, or even play with my dog in the living room, which is why I've taken up BJJ now and am very much enjoying one of the only sports I'm able to do thanks to the medicine. I don't know if I have severe asthma since asthma is different each day, on average with meds my asthma is moderate but certain circumstances like allergies, heat, or exercise can make me get much more severe attacks and I was prescribed a nebulizer to take 3x a day until i got on this dose of BREO. Idk what constitutes as severe asthma since i wasnt diagnosed with asthma until later in life, and if you were to pull up a chart i would be borderlining severe symptoms, so I just tagged this post this just in case. I've learned that I can only exercise with the right treatment for my asthma and I'm grateful I can finally have proper treatment for it. I know this is a lot to post but I just wanted to you know I'm ok and things are getting better. Hopefully after 2 or so years the shots will help.

  1. I don't know if I'm moderate or severe, my Dr even finger quoted mine was "moderate" bc they weren't sure either, but I do know mine is more severe than I once thought it was bc we keep having to increase the doses until now and my asthma was untreated and uncontrolled for such a long time, making it at least more severe than i thought. Hopefully I can climb back down the ladder by the time the shots start working.

    1. Hello! Thanks for returning and giving the community an update. It's wonderful to hear from you. Sorry to learn you were locked out of your account, but glad you created a new one, updated us on your condition and sharing you are doing better.

      For asthma sufferers, allergy shots can lead to fewer asthma symptoms, decreased reliance on asthma medications, and a reduced risk of asthma attacks triggered by allergens. Speaking of triggers ... when you stated, "there's a handful of things I cannot do, especially run, jog, or even play with my dog ..." it jolted my memory of dealing with the same. Running and dancing or exercising are the worst triggers for my asthma and are difficult to manage. Being around animals is equally provoking for my asthma attacks. I can be around dogs, but cats put me in the hospital. Also being positive for 40 out of 40 allergens is truly important to mention here as well. Having testing completed, I was positive for most of them and was given an Epi-Pen as I headed out of their office. It can be frightening but there are ways to manage triggers and allergens. I certainly hope that allergen immunotherapy offers significant benefits. Have you considered starting a list or diary of your triggers? You might be amazed at what in your daily life is triggering your attacks and worsening your asthma symptoms. And having them listed can help you avoid the worst of them.

      You've certainly been navigating through a challenging journey with your asthma. I can imagine how frustrating it must feel not to have a clear classification of its severity. It's not uncommon for asthma to fluctuate over time, and untreated or uncontrolled asthma can indeed lead to worsening symptoms and potentially more severe outcomes. I would gamble as your condition gets better under control with shots and treatment, you manage to stay in the "moderate" zone with your asthma. What has been shown to help is tracking your responses to treatments, and adjusting your management plan as needed. Keeping your physician in the loop is a great way to manage asthma and its severity. I hope this helps. As well, I hope you find you are managing much better on the new asthma treatment plan. With thoughtful regards, Rebecca (team member)

    2. Good afternoon. I see you also received a response from my colleague Rebecca above. Although, I also have something to add. And, like you, I have also struggled allergies, and likewise impressed my ENT by being allergic to nearly everything. Although it took some time, and trial and error with different treatment options (such as allergy shots and medications) I have obtained good asthma control -- and hope you are able to accomplish this as well for yourself. Regarding your question about asthma severity, I thought you might enjoy the articles on this page on our website ( Some articles are from contributors who are living in the various stages/ severity of asthma. And some articles offer some further information about the various levels of severity, from mild, moderate, to severe. I hope you find these helpful. John. community moderator.

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