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Oral Medications

  1. What is your experience with oral medications?

    Here is our editorial team article on prevention and control medications, including oral:

    Here is the editorial team piece on rescue medications, including oral corticosteroids:

    Looking forward to the conversation. Richard ( Team)

    1. Oral medication helps in preventing asthma flare ups but they do not help in relieving the immediate symptoms.

      1. Thanks for writing willmnt. Thought you might be interested in this article from our editorial team on asthma prevention and control medications:

        Also, if you haven't been there already, you may find the information and community exchange on our Facebook page interesting. It is located at

        Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. I have Singulair, recently added to my arsenal. I was hesitant to add an oral med, but its made a huge improvement.

      1. Hi again, IncredibleSunshine. So glad to hear that Singulair has made such a big difference in how you feel. When you're on the proper medication regimen, it's remarkable how much better you can feel.
        Keep up the good work!
        Leon (site moderator)

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