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I have been diagnosed with having a bacteria that is resistant to oral antibiotics called Pseudomonas. Has anyone dealt with this. My doctor says that I need to go the emergency room and have them take care of it when I have a flare up,possibly give IV antibiotics and they may do extra tests as needed. However , my issue is that every time I have a flare up(lose breath completely) my symptoms subside and I take my rescue inhaler. So my thinking is by the time I get there there is no wheezing, coughing or breathlessness for them to assess. I have another appointment with him next month. I am just curious if someone has hadexperience with this.

  1. Hi, srodom! Thanks for reaching out with this question -- as it happens, you are the first person to bring up pseudomonas here. While we wait to see if others have experience with it, I wanted to offer my two cents. Please keep in mind that I'm not an expert or a healthcare professional. 😀

    When you have something affecting your immune system that doesn't respond to standard treatment, it's important to get help right away to prevent more serious complications or widespread infection. Even if you feel well, going to the ER for those IV antibiotics will help if there is an underlying issue at play. The same protocol is often followed by people with autoimmune conditions -- it's frustrating to have to go to the hospital when it feels so minor, but ultimately you are doing what you need to do to protect your health at this time.

    I hope that makes some sense. Hopefully your appointment next month will help answer some questions and plan next steps -- will you keep us posted? Thinking of you and wishing all the best! -Melissa, team

    1. I wanted to kinda add to what you said here. It's also important because this could be contagious, like TB. So, if you go on an airplane especially, you could spread it to others. I bring up an airplane because one of my professors in college talked about how there was a TB outbreak on an airplane and several people required IV antibiotics and hospital admissions. Just like with pseudomonas, you might not know you have TB unless you're tested. So, you should get those IV antibiotics ASAP. TB is a bacteria that is commonly found in the lungs but TB itself is rare. I think what you have is a little bit worse than TB.

  2. I will keep you posted. I am stubborn sometimes and it did at those points seem minor to head to the ER with no symptoms happening anymore . However I totally understand what your saying. Thanks so much for the reply and encouragement.

    1. Hi again, srodom, and thanks for your reply and further explanation. You may want to check in again with your doctor, to make certain the physician still feels the emergency department (ED), is the right place to seek care at this time. If it is, then that is what you may want to do next. Will your doctor be following you while you are in the ED or, if you are admitted?
      We will look forward to hearing back from you with an update.
      Good luck!
      Leon (site moderator

    2. - Hi there friend. Hoping you begin to feel better with treatment. Pseudomonas is a very persistent bacteria and difficult to resolve especially in those with airway diseases such as asthma or COPD. I hope that you are able to rid yourself of the infection and head down a healthy path. If you want to learn more about the bacteria/infection, here is a link from Dec 2020 that may help.

      I send it not to frighten you but to educate you on the importance of treating pseudomonas infection. Hoping the info my colleagues and mentors have given here has been extremely supportive to you. Best of wellness always. Rebecca (comm advc)

  3. Hi srodom - you've brought up an excellent topic, thank you! I see my colleague, , has made several excellent suggestions with which I concur.
    In the hospital setting, we deal with and manage pseudomonas aeruginosa infections and complications rather frequently. This infection is taken rather seriously in the hospital setting.
    If you have been diagnosed with this, I would urge you to seek out medical intervention. I am somewhat surprised that your medical team has not suggested an assessment and treatment for you.
    Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you. We have a genuine concern for your good health.
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hi again, srodom - thanks for this 'good news' update! That is phenomenal news - the lab work reveals no pseudomonas - you must feel terrific about this (as you've said!).
      I like your plan moving forward. You sound upbeat and positive - that is the way to manage this disease.
      You know we'll all be here pulling for you! Please do keep us apprised of your progress. That three month period of time seems far away but, from my experience, as you stay busy taking care of yourself, the appointment comes up pretty quickly. I've been in your shoes and I find that the exercise and taking care of myself sets me up well for each appointment. You may find the timing to be similar - it's all good!!
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Just seeing your great news. It sounds like you are well grounded and have a solid plan of attack moving forward. Good for you! 😀:You can count on our continued support. -Melissa, team

  4. Hi Leon, I met with my pulmonologist and voiced my concerns. He ordered several test, one of which to see if the psuedomonas is still present or if there is something else going on. I go back on Wednesday to go over those results. To be fair he did suggest going to the emergency room when I had another severe asthma like attack and let them handle it. I was surprised however that there was no specific medical orders to take with me, so the ER would know what the doctors wishes were. he did mention that the staff could review his notes and make their own assessment of what might be the best course of action. My symptoms however seem to ebb and flow. No consistency. one week I maybe fine and the next I maybe coughing and wheezing extra hard. its really strange to me, but maybe that is the nature of this.
    Anyway I am hopeful that I get some definitive news and solid direction.
    As always thanks for the concern and I will check back in when I get some results.

    1. Hi again, srodom, and thanks for the update here - we appreciate it.
      I'm glad to hear the doctor ordered several tests, one of which testing for the bacteria, pseudomonas. Perhaps we'll have more answers once the results are in. Maybe the other tests which were ordered will also provide some additional insight for what has been happening now for some time.
      I will wish you 'good luck!' with the appointment on Wednesday and, look forward to your next update.
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

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