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Pulmonary Unmet Needs

Hello! My name is Katherine Stevenson, and I am a student studying Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. For my capstone project, my team is interested in addressing an unmet need in the field of pulmonology. Specifically, we are interested in issues such as the need for long-term lung function data and improved reporting of symptoms to doctors to improve the management of chronic pulmonary illnesses such as Asthma and COPD. In order to make sure that our project correctly represents the needs of the patient population, we would love to get feedback from patients and caregivers as to what problems they have faced in the diagnosis, treatment, or management of their illness.

If you would like to share your perspective, please fill out the survey below! You can also reach me at with any questions or insight. Thank you in advance for your help!

Survey Link:

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