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Recent medication shortages and possible alternative.

It's been awhile since I've posted mainly because the old adage no news is good news. Been doing pretty good at least no hospital stays! I'm writing today because I had a 3-month wait to get my pulmicort medication filled. I began using Mullein after discussing it with my doctor. He told me if my symptoms don't get worse it should be fine. Well it works really nice it helps then your mucus so you can expel it easier and just seems to ease your muscles in your lungs and chest. You can get it in many forms ordered online pills or T's you can even pick it yourself in the yard if you're lucky enough to have a growing near you all you got to do is Google it and you'll find plenty of pictures of it. I just thought with the recent shortages this would help somebody. Please please ask your doctor first because it would be terrible to have someone do it and have an allergic reaction or something. Hope you all are doing as well as I am. Good luck with the upcoming Fire season!

  1. Hi again, - nice to 'see' you posting here again. I like the 'no news is good news' adage you've used - that can be true for a lot of people!!
    We appreciate the success you're having using Mullein on the advice of your physician. That really is the only safe way to approach taking anything new, be it prescription or over-the-counter. We also appreciate your expressing caution to others here, to follow the same safe practice - always to consult one's physician before starting any new form of treatment.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon L (author/moderator

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