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Shortages of Nebuliser/Asthma Medication

Dear Forum Members, I’ve Had Asthma Since Childhood, But I Also Developed A Post Menopausal Multi Nodular Goitre, Pressing On My Windpipe In 2013, And As Puffers Don’t Help Me Anymore, I’m Totally Reliant On My Portable Nebuliser & Salbutamol & Atrovent Nebules,
To Keep Well. Anyway, Is Anybody Finding It Difficult, Getting Hold Of Their Salbutamol Nebules To Use With A Nebuliser? As I First Experienced This A Few Months Ago, Whilst Using An Online Pharmacy, As I Was Away From Home, With My Grandchildren, But Sadly, Even After I Returned, I’m Facing The Same Probs From My Own Local Pharmacy, Does Anyone Know The Reason Why There’s Such A Shortage On This Medication?

  1. - Hello there! Thanks for bringing up this topic. It's definitely a necessary issue to discuss. As I did some digging on the internet, I found an article that may help. I am not sure if you are in the USA or UK, but this article is aimed at UK patients. I believe it is manufacturing issues resulting in increased demand on other suppliers.

    Closing of plants/companies in the US producing medication may be a reason as well:

    Hoping this helps. And do hope others log on and offer up information.

    Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

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