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Should I use a spacer with Advair HFA generic?

I used a spacer with Symbicort for many years and never had problems with thrush. Insurance dropped and I had to try Wixela. It worked fine except I got thrush. Insurance allowed switch to Advair HFA generic which I just got. I have always understood that spacers get more of the medicine into the lungs and may reduce risk of thrush.

I have asked doctor about it but have not heard from her yet.

  1. Hi - thanks for chiming in here. Yours is a good question!
    In my experience, many patients do quite well using a spacer, sometimes referred to as a 'valved holding chamber'. They tend to be most helpful for folks who, for whatever reason, have difficulty coordinating the release of medication (from the metered dose inhaler (MDI)) with the timing of their inhalation. Still, there are other patients who do just fine without the spacer.
    This is a personal choice and will vary from patient to patient.
    You may be aware that not all inhalers lend themselves to using spacers. You will have to determine if the medications you plan to use are capable of being used with a spacer device. Towards that end, in addition to asking your physician (who I understand hasn't gotten back to you yet), you may want to speak to your dispensing pharmacist. Pharmacists can be good sources of knowledge and information in this regard.
    What do you think?
    Leon L (author/moderator

    1. Hi. Great question. And I would like to second what Leon said above. Generally speaking, if a patient has a metered dose inhaler at the hospital I work for, that patient gets a spacer -- as they work well for improving coordination, enhancing medicine distribution, and reducing any risks of side effects. Is using a spacer something you have decided to do? Or did you hear otherwise? John. community moderator.

      1. Doctor's nurse sent order to pharmacy and I picked up last night. I used spacer with symbicort for years and never had thrush. Was forced to switch to Wixela and got thrush within 30 days. That makes me a believer in spacers.

        1. G'morning, John, and thanks for your response. I do hope you have an opportunity to look further into the proper use of Wixela. From what I can tell, the Wixela Inhub is not recommended for the addition of a spacer.
          This video will explain everything about Wixela, including a remark about the spacer (at the time 4:27 - 4:30 minute marks). I hope you find this to be helpful.,spacer%20with%20your%20WIXELA%20INHUB.
          You also may want to check this out again with your physician and the pharmacist.
          All the best,
          Leon L (author/moderator

      2. Sorry, my post was misleading. Doctor switched me to Advair HFA generic. I no longer take Wixela.

        1. Hi again, john - thanks for checking back and clarifying this! I am hopeful this change in your medication will agree with you! Please do keep us apprised of your progress and how you're doing with the new medication.
          Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
          Leon L (author/moderator

        2. Hi John, thanks for sharing that you are taking Advair and not Wixela. How do you feel that the Adviar is working for you? I hope it works well for you? Keep us in the loop! -Lauren (team member)

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