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How can a sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty cause an asthma attack?

I just had this surgery done less than a week ago, and I'm finding myself short of breath. It turns out there is wheezing in my left lung. I start to feel better and then get extreme fatigue and shortness of breath again. I just started prednisone yesterday and an antibiotic. I think it's helping. But how are the sinus surgery and asthma related? I felt and still feel disbelieved by the doctors as well as how horrible I have been feeling post-op.

  1. Hi Anotherjunkie2 and thanks for your post. While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your own safety), your concern certainly warrants a reply. There are any number of reasons why an asthmatic may experience worsening of symptoms following a surgical procedure. Clearly, something has triggered this exacerbation for you. It would be most prudent for you to speak with your medical doctor as well as the surgeon and anesthesiologist who performed the procedure. Please do check back and let us know how you're doing. I'm sorry you're going through this. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

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