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Trelogy and high blood pressure

So my allergist / immunologist wants me to try the trelegy 200 but I'm a little learious since I have high blood pressure My primary care doctor told me to use with caution and any type of symptoms related to fast heartbeat or higher blood pressure I should discontinue immediately. I just wondered if anybody had the same situation?

  1. Hi , and thanks for posting this question - it's a good one! While I am hopeful others in the community will see your inquiry and respond by sharing their own personal experiences with you, I also have something to add.
    As you may be aware, medications can affect everyone differently. This applies to both their level of efficacy, as well as the untoward side effects that may be associated with them. Trelegy, naturally, is no exception.
    Since you may feel like you are 'in the middle' between your allergist (who prescribed Trelegy), and your primary care physician (PCP), who is looking out for high blood pressure, you may want to ask them to collaborate with one another. Once they do, they can advise you more uniformly of how you should approach being on Trelegy at this time. This would be the best possible approach and take a lot of the burden off you, and keep the doctors cognizant of their responsibilities.
    What do you think?
    Leon L (author/moderator

    1. I have high blood pressure and I have been taking trelegy 200 for over a year. It doesn't seem to affect my blood pressure. But everyone is different. I take my blood pressure everyday. When you start it you can keep track of it.

      1.  thanks for sharing your experience with Trelegy. It's great that you're actively monitoring your health and keeping track of your blood pressure while taking Trelegy. And, it's definitely important you note that the effect of medications on blood pressure can vary from person to person. Some people may experience an increase in blood pressure as a side effect of certain medications, while others may not. Keeping track in a small journal or notebook daily is a great way to monitor one's health and reactions. Hoping you are well heading through the fall and have a wonderful winter season. Rebecca (community moderator)

      2.  Hi again, April, and thanks for lending your own support and encouragement here. We also appreciate you sharing your own personal experiences using the medication, Trelegy, and its effects (or lack of effects) on your own blood pressure.
        This is just the sort of information that I believe our fellow community member, , was looking for in their initial posting, above.
        Warm regards,
        Leon L (author/moderator

    2. i have been taking trelegy only a few days. i also have high blood pressure and so far things seem fine. but time will tell...i am not as good at monitoring my bp as i should be. i have two bp cuffs at home it just depresses me to use them sometimes lol. but i can tell if its elevated as my head starts to feel tight etc

      1.  i measure mine first thing when i get up that's when it is highest before i take my meds. not happy with the upper number usually in the 150's. bottom is ok in the 60's

      2.  Hi again, rubato - thanks for clarifying the way you manage monitoring your blood pressure. Keeping track of it once-a-day should provide you with a good visible record. It will also enable you to easily see how the blood pressure is trending.
        Keep up the good work!
        Leon L (author/moderator

    3. I also have hypertension and my PCP upped my dosage of blood pressure meds this year since it was creeping up and up. I take my BP every few days. Since upping my BP dosage, it is consistently in the normal range. I've been on Breo for a few years but recently changed to Trelegy.

      1. Hi there! What great new that you blood pressure is in the normal range! I'm so happy to hear this. Are you doing well on Trelegy vs Breo? I hope so! -Lauren (team member)

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