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Undiagnosed (Update)

Good morning 🌄
I had my appt on June 2nd as stated in my previous post. My Dr stay that I'm on the borderline of being asthmatic so she wants me to do another test called Methacholine Challenge Test to see my lungs reaction.
I'll keep you updated

  1. Hi Mika - I see this is the update you promised and mentioned again today. Glad to see you've been to the doctor and she wants to do another diagnostic test to make a final determination on the actual asthma diagnosis.
    We'll look forward to your next update. Good luck on the methacholine challenge!
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hi Mika! I know you posted last week about this but I'm just seeing it now, and I thought you might be interested in reading this article from a couple years ago about the challenge.

      I think it explains things really well. Fingers crossed that the test is a good experience for you and you learn a lot! -Melissa, team

      1. thanks & my pulmonologist explained the same info

    2. The Methacholine Challenge been scheduled for the 15th
      I'll give update after I've scheduled my follow-up

      1. Hi again, Mika and thanks for providing the update. I will wish you 'good luck!' on your upcoming diagnostic study (Methacholine challenge), coming up this week (6/15). We will look forward to your checking back with us.
        Warm regards,
        Leon (site moderator

      2. Coincidentally, I am just seeing this now, on the evening of the 15th. I hope the challenge wasn't too bad, that you are doing well and learned a lot. Looking forward to hearing from you! -Melissa, team

    3. The test went well I'm only having chest tightness my dr don't have my results yet but I do have an appt on the 30th for now it could be changed once she looks at the results

      In my previous post when I did my PFT & was told that I'm borderline asthmatic so doing this test I think that I might have severe mild asthma cause the only issue that I experience was mild chest discomfort after the 2nd dose then chest tightness until the end I was able to inhale all of the dosage

      1. Hi again, Mika, and thanks so much for providing the update following the Methacholine challenge. It will be good to hear the doctor's impression following an interpretation of the results of the challenge. Glad to hear this wasn't too bad for you to accomplish.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

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